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Samples of Final Year BE Projects are as follows


This is one of the Final Year BE Project. In the Existing System, users query request is Handled and resultant URLs are provided based on the user’s hits into a URL. The searching process happens based on the Exact keyword matched in the metatag in the Corresponding URLs. In the Proposed System, we’re organizing the user’s search history by categorizing the keywords, synonyms or same meaning words into same category and also we monitor, user’s selection of the URLs for the corresponding queries. We segregate the same pattern of queries from different users and compare the entire selection URLs. This process helps to Re-Rank the most often selected URLs by different user’s to a new users who googles the same queries. The Modification we propose in this Final Year BE Project is getting the feedback from the users about the corresponding URLs which helps to Re-Rank resultant URLs in a more perfect manner. We Calculate the Positive feedback ratio to judge real best URL at the top of the site.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Online Clustering, Page Ranking

DOMAIN: Data Mining for Final Year BE Project


This is one of the Final Year BE Project. In the Existing System, Although the Cognitive Radio (CR) technology is a promising solution to enhance the spectrum, only it provides sufficient support to the licensed users or primary users and not to the Unlicensed Users. In the Proposed Model, a proactive spectrum handoff framework for CR ad hoc networks, ProSpect, is proposed to address these concerns. In the proposed framework, Channel-Switching (CW) policies and a proactive spectrum handoff protocol are proposed to let unlicensed users vacate a channel before a licensed user utilizes it to avoid unwanted interference. Network coordination schemes for unlicensed users are also incorporated into the spectrum handoff protocol design. In the Modification that we propose Modification we propose in this Final Year BE Project is a unlicensed user is handled by the spectrum and receives the request from the licensed user, the system automatically transfer the unlicensed user into another spectrum which reduces load and the waiting time for particular unlicensed user.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Channel Selection, Handoff, Load Balancing

DOMAIN: Mobile Computing for Final Year BE Project

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