Core values of AADHITYAA

Aadhityaa’s core values of Belief in people, Entrepreneurship, Customer orientation and the Pursuit of excellence are expressed in the way the teams are built, the way they operate and how they achieve results. These values were identified on the basis of the internal strengths of the organisation and today they form the underlying principles and guides parameters for all our organisation wide initiatives.


Aadhityaa aspires to be source of providing global IT services through promoting an in-depth focus on core technologies and deploying the latest development in Software Engineering.

Aadhityaa strives constantly to stay abreast of the latest in information Technology through constant research, training and development. The company exploits cutting edge technologies to build in high quality and maximum productivity in its solutions and experienced teams with advances technical skills and equipping itself with the most modem infrastructure in terms of Hardware, Software and Skill sets.

Aadhityaa is strongly wedded in orienting Software Productivity to meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the environment. As the challenge in front of the IT industry is to face open-ended real life situations, it must have a strongly accented economic relevance to Society.

With the understanding of domain, comfort with the latest technologies, tools and continuously improving quality processes, Aadhityaa shrinks every project cycle and enable accelerated delivery of context sensitive solutions.