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Samples of Cloud Computing are as follows


This is a Cloud Computing Project. In the Existing System, there is no big security provided in the Cloud server for data safety. If at all security exists, the third party auditor should be allowed to access the entire data packets for verification. In the Proposed System, Cloud server spilt the file into batches and allowed for encryption. The corresponding encrypted batches are kept in different Cloud servers and their keys are distributed in different key server. These encrypted batches are kept in replica servers as a backup. This encrypted data are converted into bytes and added parity bit process by the data owner in order to restrict TPA by accessing the original data. The Cloud server generates the token number from the parity added encrypted data and compared with the signature provided to the TPA to verify the Data Integrity. We also implement Erasure Code for the back-up of the data. The Modification that we propose in this Cloud Computing Project is the encryption process of the data by the data owner before it reaches the Cloud server.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Cloud Computing, Token Precomputation., RSA, Erasure Code


This is a Cloud Computing Project. In the Existing System, A major feature of the cloud services is that users’ data are usually processed remotely in unknown machines that users do not own or operate. While enjoying the convenience brought by Cloud Computing, users’ fears of losing control of their own data (particularly, financial and health data) can become a significant barrier to the wide adoption of cloud services. In the Proposed System, Data Owner can upload the data into cloud server after encryption. User can subscribe into the cloud server with certain access policies such Read, Write and Copy of the Original Data. Logger and Log Harmonizer will a track of the access logs and reports to the Data Owner. This Access ensures Security. The Modification that we propose in this Cloud Computing Project is, Automatic reporting of illegal action performance of any user to the data owner, as well as data owner would generate the random numbers set for the every user. So if the user entering into the account has to provide random number set, that will be verified by server.

ALGORITHM / METHODOLOGY: Log Retrieval, Pushing or pulling, Blow Fish

DOMAIN: Cloud Computing, Security

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